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What will happen to the damage of the wheel hub bearing of a car

When a damaged vehicle four wheel hub bearing after driving the car in the car you will hear a continuous humming sound, the sound is not clear that where a feeling, the compartments are filled with this kind of buzz, and the speed is faster louder. The following is the method of judgment:
Method 1: open the window to listen to whether the sound is from the outside of the car.
Method two: increase the speed of vehicle (when the buzz is loud), place the gear in the neutral gear, let the vehicle slide, observe whether the noise comes from the engine, if the drone doesn't change during the sliding, most of the wheel bearings have problems.
Methods: three temporary parking, check off axle temperature is normal, the method is: use the hand touch the four wheels, they generally feel the temperature is consistent (brake shoe clearance is normal, there is a gap between the front and rear wheel temperature, the front wheel is high), if can continue to feel very different slow traffic to the maintenance station;
Method four: use the lift car rises (prior to release the handbrake, idling, no lift) can be used by Jack rose wheels, four wheels rotate human respectively, when faced with the problem of the axle, it will sound, and the other axle is completely different, this method can easily distinguish what is the problem of the axle.
If the hub bearing was seriously damaged, there are cracks, pitting or ablation, must be replaced. Before the new bearing is installed, the grease is first coated, then the reverse order is reloaded. The replacement bearing must be flexible and free from mixing and vibration.