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Notices of bearings in daily use

The harvester in riveting parts such as knife assembly, rivets are generally made of cold extrusion, the riveting should not be heated, such as heating will reduce the strength of the material. After riveting punch forming heavy willow, in order to strengthen the firmness of the blade and the cutter rod.
No balancing machine shaft repair in the repair of various shaft balance, a thrust bearing in one end of the shaft and clamped on the lathe three claw, another top head can be resisted, such as lathe center frame clamp available short, the other end is installed in the shaft of SKF bearings, correcting the balance so far. But at the weight, use the screws to tighten, and try not to use electric welding to weight.
The wearing parts, especially the pin shaft, pressing, sleeve, iron pad in the maintenance of not to add butter instead of replacement and repair, such as shortening of long time use wear to the limit of the parts will cause other mechanical life.
When processing sleeve parts, it is very difficult to pull the oil tank in the sleeve hole as far as possible. Some parts of the harvester can be oiled. It is difficult to use any butter and heavy oil, except nylon sleeve. Where the nylon sleeve is used, it is best not to replace the cast iron, copper and aluminum, because the nylon sleeve bears a certain impact and does not deform.
The maintenance of the hydraulic part of the harvester, the distributor and the reducing valve, etc., should be filtered and discharged when the gas pump is used to press the gas and the hydraulic oil for two times. The assembly and maintenance of the hydraulic pressure are mainly the seals, and the seals should be unloaded and replaced with new ones.
In the maintenance of bearing materials for various types, not easy to purchase, use of waste shaft processing at present shaft is mostly 45# carbon steel, such as quenching, in good condition, and the soil available oxygen furnace parts required for heating to red Ukraine placed in brine. According to the requirements and.
Ensure the sizes in advance should be key and keyway repair of pulley and shaft, 000 can't increase the size of the key, otherwise it will affect the strength of the shaft, the shaft keyway milling welding welding filler can be a key slot in the opposite direction of the old bond, the pulley keyway sleeve available (transition fit) approach with good, with countersunk head screws in sleeve seam tapping inserted tightly bond.