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Sentian Pet is based on natural materials, and its products are widely used in solid wood, sisal, seaweed, corn leaves and other environmentally friendly materials, which are deeply loved by customers and consumers.

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Automotive bearing maintenance and repair

Vehicles should work within the rated load range. If the serious overload will directly cause bearing overload, it will cause early failure of the bearing, more serious will cause vehicle failure and personal safety accidents; bearing is not allowed to be subjected to abnormal impact load; periodic inspection Bearing the use of the state, pay attention to observe the bearing parts are abnormal noise and the phenomenon of rapid local temperature rise; regular, quantitative filling oil or grease; according to vehicle usage, at least every six months to completely replace the oil, and Bearings to be carefully examined; Bearing maintenance state inspection: Remove the bearings under the clean with kerosene or gasoline, carefully observe the bearing inside and outside the cylindrical surface of the sliding or creeping phenomenon, the inner and outer raceway bearing surface spalling, pitting conditions , Rolling body and cage wear and deformation, etc., according to the comprehensive inspection of the bearings to determine whether the bearing can continue to use.